www.Gaane.Tube brings to a platform to showcase your talent.

Are you a rising Star?
1. Do you have a God given talent?

2. Are you unable to create a video for yourself due to lack of resources?

3. Are you unable to showcase your talent due to lack of knowledge?

4. We are here to take you to next level.

How to reach us?
1. Post on YouTube and share the link on our WhatsApp number 9310983461.

2. Please ensure that you share the song in your voice with no music.

3. Video has to be of at least 1 minute.

4. Song chosen by you should be unique with no copyright infringement.

Terms and Conditions

1. Submissions will be reviewed on rolling basis by our Panel of Judges.

2. Our Panel of Judges will be the final authority to decide who we will invite and whose video will be created.

3. Only 5 top singers will be invited every month.

4. Many more Terms and Conditions apply and could not be enumerated due to scarcity of space.

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